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Heartwood Home is a place to find unique and unusual things. Stuff you can’t find anywhere else. From big furniture things to little ‘gifty’ things. We sell antiques purchased at farm auctions, locally made furniture and crafts, unusual and hard to find plants, and as an added bonus — what we think is the best coffee ever — Ideal coffee from Toronto. Grab an espresso or a latté and cruise the shop while gift hunting or searching for that perfect object to fill an empty corner. Check the tag too: The history and story of that object may be included.

Every thing has a story...


ideal coffee

Fair trade, roasted on site in Kensington Market, Toronto

rustic antique & vintage




salvaged repuporsed upcycled


One of the first auctions I attended was the Estate of one of the Krug brothers. Never had I seen so much AWESOME stuff in one place at one time. I was gob-smacked! The store renovation wasn't even complete and I had come home with a car and trailer-load bursting with way cool finds. Where was I going to put all this stuff?

After every auction, the feeling is the same — like Christmas — emptying those 'box lots'. Discovering what was hidden at the bottom. So exciting!”

Joanna Bottrell— Owner, Heartwood Home

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